The Man Who Will Rewrite History



To say that Brian Steuber has lived a few lifetimes is an understatement. After many combat tours of Iraq and brutal life circumstances, he was medically retired from the military. It was the day he was told he could no longer be a soldier, that he knew he could continue in pursuit of his first true love, writing.

Brian’s writing style is one that incorporates the trifecta of writing, the mental, emotional and physical trifecta that is. His words make you see visually what he is creating through his emotionally charged and mentally intoxicating style. If you read one of his creations, you will feel it and not just read it.

He has a doctorate in kicking ass from the military and if you don’t think so, ask the other guys. Brian also (thanks to his sacrifices and your tax dollars) has earned a B.F.A from Full Sail University in Creative Writing For Entertainment. At this fine institution of learning, he…wouldnot you know it, learned how to zero in on his skills as a writer.

Brian has ghost-written newspaper articles, website fluff pieces (for a wide range of socio-economical and demographic spanning audiences) co-wrote three music videos, directed a music video and his blog is pretty cool too.

Currently, a major television company is optioning one of Brian’s works. He is also working on two TV-pilots in the drama and comedy genre and one sci-fi screenplay with a fellow writer from Full Sail.


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  1. Thanks for the follow. Great to see you sharing your personal journey. My interest in PTSD is personal, as is yours but mine is the result of being fostered in many different settings from being a baby and abused by a foster parent = PTSD type II B or complex PTSD & developmental trauma. I’m not sure how much of that I’ll share on my blog yet.

    I’ve been working with my symptoms, some we probably share, over the last 20+ years. Mostly I’ve been pretty well with four challenging episodes. Recovery I have learnt, is not a straight line. Currently I am “as good as it gets” for me, enjoying life & hoping to return to my adult nursing degree in the autumn!

    Get to read your inspiring blog! TTS : )


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